Development, sales, and production of cable handling equipment for ships, cable production, and storage The company is seeking a growth partner

  • 6 employees
  • Revenue around 15- 25 million
  • Located in the Eastern part of Norway
  • Etablert i 2016.
  • Established approximately 25 years ago

The company wishes to join a larger constellation to reach its full potential. In a market with global megatrend focusing on existing and new energy sources that require a new/larger distribution network (indirect cable production).


Cable equipment for ships, cable production, and storage.


  • Cable manufacturers
  • Contractors in cable equipment
  • Cable installers
  • Seismic companies

Desired future:

To be a part of a larger entity that is better in sales and, through its size, provides the strength to undertake larger and more complete deliveries.
The company has a patented product with international potential. Technically proven but not yet achieved a commercial breakthrough.

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Micke Bernakiewicz


Telefon: 913 47 101

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