Overskudd Regnskap merges with EconPartner

As of 01.03.2022 Overskudd Regnskap will merge with and become a part of EconPartner.

EconPartner has acquired all shares in Overskudd Regnskap. Operations will continue as normal under EconPartner. Employees of Overskudd Regnskap will work with clients as before andOverskudd Regnskap customers will have the same contact person within EconPartner.

The physical move to the EconPartner premises at Aker Brygge in Oslo will take place on the 4′ of April 2022. Overskudd Regnskap has sold its shares to become a part of EconPartner with the purpose of benefiting the customers with a wider range of expertise, improved efficiency, and large professional environment for accounting services.

After a thorough review of the relevant companies EconPartner made the decision to acquire Overskudd Regnskap. Both parties are convinced that this new business venture will strengthen customer relationships while also providing care and attention for the future.

EconPartner is an accounting firm with 55 employees and handle over 900 clients in various sectors. EconPartner had a turnover of NOK 80 million in 2021 with a sound and solid economy. Econpartner premises are in modern offices at Grundingen 6, Aker Brygge, Oslo.

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